Computer Network & its Typres

What is Computer Network & Its Types

computer networkComputer network
as you know we have migrate in the eraof Communication Technology. The dynamic world today needs some fast communication channels to transfer data frequently from one side to another. The networking concept is basically quickly transmission of data from one place to other. As you computer Network have different parts & we all connected to internet in different parts. World are connected to each other via Computer network & Share data or thoughts.  So if you are new to study about Computer Network & its Type then you are right place.

What is a Network?

Network is all about when a number of Computer Connected with each other in such a way that they can share the data & information, the system is term as Network. In other Language we can say a network is a system that allows computer users to distribute or share Program, message, data and the information. Everything is considering in an network that connected one or more system each other and we are able to share data & information each other.

For Example: If you are connected 3 computers on networking, then you are able to access Computer 1 data or files on another computer so that is a type of networking.

A network Contain below mentions Elements:

  1. Nodes (Workstations): as a name represent node is two Terminal of Network. In case when we attach a computer to network it becomes the workstation of a Network.
  2. Server: as we Know a Network is two Different nodes so one of them is Provide service & one is using this services. So those nodes provide services are terms as Server.
  3. Network Interface Unit: Network interface unit is the Communicator in between different nodes. Which nodes are using the services is called as Client & which nodes Provide service are terms as Server. And network interface unit is attached to the server & all the workstation to maintain the connection between them.


Need for Networking

  • To Share Computer Files
  • To Share Computer Equipments
  • To improve communication speed & accuracy
  • To Reduce the cost of Data Transfer
  • To Minimize the effort to group Working
  • To Increase Productivity
  • High Reliability

Types of Computer Network

So I think you are understood the concept of Computer Network & its benefits. So there are basically three types of Computer Network Mention Below

  1. Local Area Network (LAN): a local area network is basically a small & privately owned Network with the maximum span of 10 Km to provide local connection within a small office & building area. LAN is effectively used in Private offices. As we discus earlier with a example that the LAN is Widely Used in Personal Computers and Workstation in Corporate offices & Companies to Share Resources & Exchange Information.
  2. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN): Man is defined for less than 50 km and provides regional connectivity typically within a College campus or Small geographical area. It is designed to extend over an entire city. In other words you can say a collection of LAN into Large Network.
  3. Wide Area Network (WAN): Wide area Network provides no Limits. A WAN Provides long Distance transmission of data, Voice and Video Information over large area that may comprise a country even a whole world.

In fact in WAN, the data is transmitted via satellite or through the Telephone Lines. All big organization which wants to make his central database to Use all branches by WAN.

Thanks for Reading may you got the Concept of Computer Network. Keep Reading & also know thinks works better With Learn.




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    My brother recommended I may like this blog.

    He was totally right. This publish actually made my day.
    You cann’t consider just how a lot time I had spent for this info!
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  • Tawatchai May 16, 2016 Reply

    This is a great post for someone who is new to computer networking field. Every word is worth reading.
    Thanks for this great article buddy..!!!!

  • Lucas Nguyen May 18, 2017 Reply

    I think today’s data transfer rate is on the increase thanks to fiber optic technology.
    That helps us connect multiple LAN conveniently. And servers do not have to be placed in the same location as peer-to-peer computers that can share data for each other.
    So geographic distance is no longer a problem
    As well as the concept of LAN and Wan is gradually not much different

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