Google Penalty

Top 10 Reason Why Google Penalty Hurt You Forever

Today I am going to discuss Google Penalty. As you all know Google is the Major Search Engine over the internet. So Google Ranking is also a Major Concern for Every website/ blog owner.

But now Google algorithm is more complex & fetch only perfect URL in Search Results. And also there are several rules & policies you have to keep in mind if you want to get high ranking in Google SERP.

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What is Google Penalty?

Google Penalty: A Google penalty is the negative impact on a website’s search rankings based on updates to Google’s search algorithms and/or manual review. Google has been changing his Ranking algorithm since 2000. And continue updates to the same. Google Continue fetch the Quality content & reject the Poor Quality Content, Slow Landing URL’s, Duplicate content and more. so these are the main Reason your Website be Penalized by Google.

Google does not consider your URL in the Search engine Result means you are in Google Penalized list & you have to make some improvements & changes as well.

How To Recognize Google Penalty

  • Your Website is not Ranking.
  • Your Website Page Rank  dropped on the Regular basis.
  • The Entire Webpages are removed from the Google cached Search Result overnight.
  • Running a Site Search – Site:// Keyword – No result found

10 Reason Why Google Penalty Hurt You Forever

  1. Publishing Duplicate Content on Your Website: Publishing Duplicate content on your Website Killing Your Search Engine Ranking. Because Google hates the Duplicate content & Don’t Consider the Duplicate content in the Search Engine Result as well. So make Sure When you doing the same. If you want to rank higher in Search Engine Ranking then always Publish Quality & Original Content.
  2. Not Using XML Sitemap: XML is the important things for every website. Because Google uses the XML sitemap to know the structure of the Website. Make sure your XML sitemap is Up to date & then submit into your Webmaster tools account.
  3. Broken Links (Internal + External): Broken links are also arising bad effect in term of Google. If you don’t make links up to date then Google think you don’t care about your readers. if you are using WordPress then you can use the Broken links WordPress plugin for fixing the broken links.
  4. Slow loading speed: Slow loading website is also a major concern in term of Google. If you are suffering from the same Problems then you won’t be rank higher because Google Search Algorithm Don’t Consider slows Loading Website in Search Engine Results.
  5. Using more affiliate links or Advertisements: if you are using heavy affiliate links or Advertisements, then it’s not good for your Website & its ranking as well. More advertisements & affiliate links are increasing your website loading time & also a critical factor as per Google Ranking. so be active & using minimum advertisements as possible.
  6. Using Anchor text in excess: Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. And its influence Search Engine rankings. Anchor Text is heavy weighted in Google Original Algorithm.
  7. More Bounce rate: as you all know, bounce rate is decide your website ranking sometimes. If you have more bounce rate then your site won’t be ranked on Search Engine Ranking. Bounce rate depends on many things and we can also resolve this problem by using some techniques
  8. Backlinks from malicious sites: Backlinks is the Main thing behind the ranking of every website. So be Serious when the backlinks matter because it’s very important for the same as we discuss. All backlinks are not important. I mean to say that where the incoming links come from is the main thing and this thing is to decide the backlinks value. Suppose if your backlinks come from out your industry or Business then it’s not valued for you and Google also. So make sure build backlinks from the trusted Site as well as your Industry, Niche.
  9. Directory submission in the bad directory or in excess: Directory Submission is on the trend but a wrong direction put your website in Google Ranking Block list. So be carefully when you doing the same. Don’t put your URL in the Unrelated directory or in another language Website directory.
  10. Buy the wrong link in excess: if you are buying Backlinks for your Website in the manner to Increase Your Website Ranking or page rank, it can create a negative impact in front of Search Engine if your backlinks are bad or malicious or even bad destination.


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