things you Should Do Immediately after Publish Blog Post

8 Things you Should Do Immediately after Publish Blog Post

SEO is still the very important factor in Search Engine Ranking Purpose. So there are lots of things to do after Publish Blog Post. So in this article, we are focusing on the things which are necessary after publishing a new post on your blog.

So if you just publish a new blog post. Then I think your main aim is to deliver it in front of interested readers. For the same you require lots of time & efforts. When you publish a new post, you & your RSS subscribers only know the new post quickly. So here we mention some of the Top most things which play important roles after Publish the article.

8 Things you Should Do Immediately after Publish Blog Post

  • Check for Spelling & Grammatical Errors: if you just publish a new post on your blog. Then a first thing is to check your spelling & grammar errors because spelling mistakes & grammatical errors impact on your readers. I am using Grammarly Tool for Check my blog post-Grammar & Spelling errors from last 6 months. And it’s amazing tools for the same. Read: Grammarly Review.
  • Re-Optimize your Keywords: Read Again your Whole post and find the relevant topic keywords which describe your article beautifully.
  • Share your Content on Social Media & Social Bookmarking Sites: another great way to represent your post in front of interested readers is Social media & Bookmarking sites. Social Media is on trend and lots of people using the same so with the same you can gain lots of traffic & healthy backlinks.

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  1. Share your post on Facebook Groups
  2. Share your post on Twitter
  3. Share your Post on LinkedIn Groups
  4. Share your Post on Google+ Community.

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There are lots of major social Bookmarking sites also for gain lots of traffic such as Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Digg, Delicious, etc. you can use these social bookmarking sites for better results in Organic & direct as well.

  • Find related topic & comment: now you need to find out the related post & comment on them, it’s just to develop the relationship which further gives you more organic traffic.
  • Send Email to World: Sending email is a very good habit if you doing blogging. Because via emailing you can get only interested readers. Make a list of interested people & keep it up to date. Emailing is the better medium for getting lots of traffic.

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  • Post to forums: if you are doing all above step then forum posting is the next. Forum posting is the only way that I like the most. Forum posting has several benefits, it gives you new readers, Backlinks as well as lots of traffic.
  • Responds on every Comment: I have seen many people never respond to the comments. If you are doing the same then People leave your blog soon. Because of their confusion regarding your article is still there. It’s a critical problem, think about it. So for your blog success, you need to respond to every comment.
  • Thanked people for Like & share your content: this is the best way to grow more. If anyone like, share, ping or retweet your article then you need to thank people for the same. This process helps you to maintain relationship & reach more audience.

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