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The Latest Trend In SEO- Beginner Guide

There are lots of ways to generate traffic to your website like social traffic, organic traffic & referral traffic etc. but organic traffic is very important as per Google ranking.

which traffic is coming from the search engine is called organic traffic and it is the very good source of traffic. The search engine has an algorithm to fetch the query. So if your organic traffic is low then you need to update the content as per search engine algorithm.

For ex- anyone searches a query how to start a blog then the search engine will display only top rates website in the search results. same as the search engine has some rules so if you follow the same you will definitely get the traffic from search engine.

So in this article, we will share some of Latest Trend In SEO tips which may be helpful to increase your website ranking & traffic.

What is SEO

SEO terms as search engine optimization. means search engine increase your website online visibility in search engine. SEO is generally two types on page & off Page.

  • On Page SEO: In on page SEO, you will work on the page for a better ranking like Content Quality, Keyword optimization, title, tags etc.
  • Off Page SEO: In off page SEO you will work on the Off-page like Forum posting, link building, guest post etc

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SEO Important Factor

  • Content Quality
  • Content keyword
  • hyperlinks
  •  Backlinks
  • Domain name & hosting
  • Permalink




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