Starting SEO as a Career

Advice to Those Starting SEO as a Career

Want to work in SEO? Let’s know what is required to succeed

What is SEO?

SEO is the short term of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is all about getting high Ranking in Search Engine results. In other words, we can Say many companies promote/ optimize their website to Increase Search Engine visibility in Search Engine Ranking.

Due to regular changes in Search Engine Algorithm SEO is becoming more complex and need experts. Who can work with SEO Projects SEO is not just adding Keyword and Content, Directory Submission etc and waiting result for good ranking. It Requires deep Knowledge & hard Work as well.

As the Starting Two Letter Suggest Search Engine and SEO is Independent of Search Engine. SEO Should be able to attract People to a Website by Using Various Methods.

As you all know, SEO is Still Very Important. And if you want to work in SEO then you need to be patience because SEO is the very time-consuming process. I mean to say in SEO your Work Shown after some months or years. So don’t be so fast or switch your career.

Starting  SEO as a Career?

In Past, SEO have no Carrer Option. Web Developer is doing the Same. they use common techniques for Search Engine ranking. but now, SEO is more Difficult due to Search Engine Changes Regularly. So SEO Expert in Demand. Because in Past Google has simple Algorithm. but now Google improve his algorithm & is difficult to web developer to get ranked.

It’s good to have the degree in Digital marketing, Communication or Computer Science. I think it’s enough to impress the manager or get the job. 80% of the knowledge you need about SEO is available online and in books.

  • Never Stop Learning Because SEO is No END: it is very important to Learn in SEO on Re. Because things Updates in SEO on Regular Basis. So In case you’re left Reading about New Updates in SEO. So I think you missed some of the opportunity. So Keep Reading because SEO is no END.
  • Work Hard & Be Patient: SEO is the time-Consuming process. So be Patient because results of your Action is visible after some time. because google improve their Algorithm & it take some time to analyse you for better SEO ranking. So wait for your day. your hard work will grow but don’t expect quickly.
  • Think Out your Comfort Zone: if you really Starting Career in the SEO than you have to Sacrifice with many things. Because SEO needs time and on Regular basis. If you feel comfort in the SEO than it’s not good. You need to out your Comfort Zone & work hard otherwise, you will not achieve your target. Learn on the daily basis about SEO & Google Algorithm Updates. It Will Help you a lot.
  • Share Knowledge & learns from others: if you doing SEO than its clear that you will less or more Connected with Social Media Sites, Blogs, Forums etc. and I will say the SEO expert are In Demand. And SEO is Not about Ranked your Page it’s about answering right Questions & helping others. If you want to Popular than this the best way to Share your Skills With Other it will give you Popularity as well as better for your Connection & Reputation.
  • Always be Honest and Transparent (Your Clients & Search Engine): honest and transparent these two things are very important in every business and also in SEO. Always Provide Precise & accurate guide to your Clients or Reader as well as Search Engine also. if you doing the same, than you Start SEO as Your Carrer because its important one.
  • Provide Right Information to others: if you are running a blog or teach or Share your Knowledge with other. The most of the people follow you and read your updates. So if anyone asks you any questions then you need, to be honest, and transparent. If you provide wrong information to your Followers than it creates the problems.

Starting  SEO as a Career Option in India

  1. Join SEO Agency or Marketing Company as SEO Executive to Start your Carrer.
  2. Start Work With Establish Company to Manage their SEO.
  3. if you have some Experience in the SEO than Lead SEO team in Any Reputed Company.
  4. Take Projects from Freelancing
  5. Provide SEO Training online or Start academy.
  6. Start Your Own SEO Company.
  7. Launch Blog and earn from advertising & affiliate marketing.


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