Smart & Safe Way to Build Backlinks to Your Blog

5 Smart & Safe Way to Build Backlinks to Your Blog

In Search Engine Optimization backlinks is simply an Incoming link to a web page to your Own blog or Web page. these links are important in calculating the popularity of your blog. your website traffic is directly related to the quality of backlinks your website have. so in this article we are sharing some smart & safe way for building backlinks to your blog. because many people doing the same mistake in building backlinks.

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 5 Smart & Safe Way to Build Backlinks to Your Blog

1. Where is it Coming from Your Backlinks to Keep it Importance in the eyes of Google
Links play important roles in Search Engine optimization & their algorithm. There are thousands of link directory that in a day can create thousands of backlinks to your website.

Are these Backlinks any value to Google?

NO! Because Google gives importance on quality of content rather than quantity. So make sure whenever you are doing the same mistake for getting backlinks. Those links are not useful for you. . It’s very hard to improve your position in search engine because Google know the several people doing the same for getting backlinks.

Tip: Building Backlinks from a website that have a good online Presence

2. Your Incoming must be from Unique Pages not From Duplicate Pages:
As Google Point of View Duplicate content have no value. And this kind of backlink is not having any kind of value in search engine optimization. So be serious about it. Don’t link your website pages to duplicate website content. Because we are discuss here safe method & that is one of them for your blog growth. duplicate content have no value for google. so please avoid to written duplicate content & also avoid for getting backlinks from the same.

3. Backlinks must be from the sites in your Industries:
This is another important part in search engine optimization. Many people building backlink from another niche website. For Ex- your industries are security & you are building backlinks with health & fitness website so it’s just waste of time I think. you can invest your time to follow the sites in your industries which have good reputation & also working with the same keyword as you have. so you get a good result. also get some idea from those website & implement on your website.

Tip: Make a list of your niche websites & build backlink from them.

4. Must be a Good Anchor Text:
Anchor Text is one of the most critical factors in getting good position in search engine optimization. Because anchor text is explain the search engine what’s the page is tell about. Anchor text is visible and clickable link in hypertext.
Many people know the importance of anchor text; they just put their keyword in anchor text & building backlinks. and many people doing the mistake to put single keyword in all anchor text. So if you want the same then you need to put your keyword in meta description, title, image alt etc. Google doesn’t give you importance such as a single keyword. so you have also a chance for building safe backlinks from the anchor text.

Tip: Used different-2 keyword in Anchor Text

5. The page is coming from your Backlinks must be the same Keyword as you fighting for:
There is one of the most important parts in Search engine optimization. And if you are building backlink so make sure incoming link have the same keyword as you fighting.

For ex- if you are fighting for keywords like- “best Indian shoes” and you are building backlink with anchor text “best Indian shoes” & you want to show your page in 1 page on this keyword. Google have several links that point to same keyword.


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