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SEO Guide: 7 Brilliant Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

Today competition in every business industry is on the top, and build online presence or brand value is the very difficult process. So there are lots of newbie start business & flop due to lack of promotion business online. there are lots of free ways to promote your business online.

As you all know, offline or door to door marketing is dead now, online marketing is on trend. so if you are a business holder then be careful because without this you can’t survive long. So make a plan to promote your business online and build your online reputation in your industry.

7 Brilliant Ways to Promote Your Business Online For Free

1. Properly optimize information on your website: Setup website is the first step to built online presence because your website contains all the information about your products & services. your website is the define your business in front of your customers.

  • Make sure your website contains all the updated information about your product & services.
  • Check website Page to Page connectivity.
  • Update Website Regularly.

2. Claim your Business address on Google maps: a Google map is the best application to find out any local business. you just need to claim your business address on Google maps, after that google send you a verification code, your business is confirmed after the inserting code. With the help of Google maps, you can view maps and get driving direction as well. and also customer will easily find out your business physical address by using map.

  •  Setup your business profile on Google+ and update all the Communication detail.
  • Join Google+ Community according to your industry & share your latest product & services detail along with.
  • Set up Google my business account.

3. Establish your Company Profile on Social Media: Social media platform is the very essential for all kind of business or websites to promote your business online. Because without the help of social media, you can’t famous in your industry. Social media is one of the most important parts of promotion strategy. you just need to join some major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc.

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4. Update your business detail in the local directory: after completing the above steps, the major step is for local business is to update your business in local search directory. There are lots of online local directory which can promote your business but you need to create your account with proper contact detail

5. Encourage & respond to online user review: User review is very important & critical parameter in the field of online reputation for every business. because user review regarding any company or product decides your online presence.

  • Start Building relationship
  • Encourage your potential user to online review about your product/ services.

6. Launch blog share content: Blogging is the best way to deliver your content in front of potential customers in your industry. so for gain more potential customers in your industry, you need to start blogging. blogging is the best promotion method I think because it gives you instant traffic to your website.

7. Send email: Emailing is also a major part of marketing for every business holder. you just need to collect the email list of potential customers in your industry after that you can send mail to them on daily basis about your products & services.


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