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SEO for Blogs: 10 SEO Rules for Blogging Success

As you all know, Search Engine Optimization is the Process to getting traffic from search Engine. Search Engine Can affect your online Presence. So in this article, I am going to share some SEO rules for Blogging Success. Everyone Wants to Get on 1st page. But SEO is time Consuming & long Process to get rank on top.

if talking about search engine than Quality is on the Top. because without Quality content you will not be able to get on top rank. if you are doing SEO for your blog and you don’t have quality content then you won’t be ranked.

Getting Visitor’s on your blog is a very challenging job for many bloggers.

SEO for Blogs: 10 SEO Rules for Blogging Success

  • Quality Content Is on the Top: there are many methods for generating inbound links. but Quality Content is one of the best methods for gain Quality Backlinks. because google loves Quality Content & that is good for you. if you publish quality & informative content that people will want to read. Valuable content is very safe & fast way to get blogging Success. attract more visitors you need to write about a topic you are interested in and know something about.
  • Follow the Right People: in the field of SEO, the Direction & guide is very important. wrong information can be costly to your success. so be careful when you follow anyone in your niche. make a list of popular blog according to your niche & Read their blog and get ideas from there. Right information gives you lots of traffic as well as the reader also. if you Provide the wrong or incomplete information to your readers then it’s costly for you.
  • Publish Longer Content: Good quality article is longer than 1500 words are very important for get high ranking on search engine. make sure you post have longer content as well as quality. Longer content helps you to get on search engine ranking. if you writing long content then you have more chance to improve your search engine ranking.
  • Focus on a Niche: to Increase your chance of success, you  need to Focus on a niche in the beginning. you can’t focus on Multiple niches. so first of all decide your niche & write about it. you have to write something new to attract crowds. so Select a perfect niche as per your Knowledge & Share your Knowlege to other.
  • Build a Brand: if you want to famous then you need to a brand. Brand Indicates your online presence. in other words, we can say- how much people trusts on you. 
  • Make it simple for Reader to connect: for reach more visitors, you need,  add some more plugin for share & connect with your blog. if you are using WordPress then there are many plugins to share your content for Ex- if anyone visit on your site & like your article than visitors can share it on his timeline.
  • Get Idea- Read other Blog: Read other blogs in your niche will Increase your Knowledge as well as some Idea. for a beginner in blogging have a several confusion regarding any topic or title selection. so you clear this confusion from other blogs.
  • Stay on the Top Trends: Always write about on viral topics & top trends. if you are doing the same then people subscribe you for receive update from your side. Top trends articles will helps you to find more traffic as well as valuable reader.
  • Commenting & learn More: commenting is the very popular method in the field of blogging. with the help of commenting, you can drive instant traffic & also you have a chance to get the valuable reader. commenting is also useful in term of backlink. so doing the same & learn more.
  • Promote your Blog in Right Ways: in the end the Most important point is to promote your blog. Blog promotion plays an important role in blogging success. SEO for blogs – to Promote your Article on some major social networking sites like- Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. these sites will help you to drive more traffic in your blog.



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