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Why It’s Time To Prioritize Your Search Engine Ranking

Everyone wants to improve their website search engine ranking,  but all you know that it’s not a simple process. First of all you need to audit your website and find out the issues which can stop your ranking in search engine.

So in this article, we mention some major or latest tricks which can affect your ranking. Because the search engine ranking improvement process is not a one day game, you need to work hard for the same. So firstly you need to analysis your website and fix the issues like slow loading speed, duplicate content, bad linking, content quality and lots more you need to improve. After that, You need to work on below mention points.

How To Improve Search Engine Ranking

    Mobile Indexing is on trend

I think you all know that more than 50% traffic comes from the mobile users & it’s continually increase day by day. So it’s a very important factor to think because if your website is not mobile friendly than you won’t be able to get traffic from Google.
And as per Google announcement, Google gives more importance to mobile version rather than the web version. So design your website for mobile visitors to gain mobile more traffic.


    Content is always on the Top

Your article content defines your website reputation and searches engine ranking because Google loves the quality content rather than quantity. So make your article understandable and always emphasis on quality. Means deliver the right information to your user.


    Internal & External Linking

Linking is the very important for each and every website because linking defines the website reputation in front of Google or any other search engine. Linking is basically two types – internal link and external link (backlinks). Internal & external links is important for define your article category in terms of Search engine.


    Website loading speed

Website loading speed is also important factor in terms of search engine ranking because Google fetch only fast loading website in search results. If a website have lots of quality content & all of above but website loading speed is slow than Google don’t pick the same.

    Bounce Rate

High Bounce rate occurs when a visitor leaves your website soon. So maintain your bounce rate by providing quality and interesting content. for maintaining bounce rate you need to share your article on related or same niche groups otherwise you can’t stop the same.

    Technical SEO

Technical SEO is part of on-page & off-page SEO. SEO is a big thing you can overtake in a minutes. so you need to work hard for clear the concept of SEO.

SEO Checklist

  • Make website Design Simple & clean
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • URL Structure
  • Remove duplicate content
  • Limit Redirects
  • Content quality

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