on page SEO techniques for improve search engine ranking

6 Most Popular On Page SEO Techniques Can Improve Your Ranking

Search engine optimization is techniques to optimize your website in search engine ranking. on page SEO  techniques is the practice to optimizing each page individually in order to rank higher & more earn with the relevant traffic from search engine.

When we talking about the on-page than I am sure you hear about meta tags and keyword density. the Search engine works just like an algorithm, it means they fetch different-different factors in your website or pages.

There are lots of online tools for audit your website SEO issues & also gives you the idea to fix the same. In this article, we mention major on-page SEO techniques to drive more search engine traffic. As a name suggests on-page, it means we apply these techniques on the website (on-page).

There are lots of factors to rank in the search engine like social media presence, backlinks, domain authority; page authority etc. it means not only On-page SEO is not responsible for page rank.

Things to focus on:

  • Do Keyword research.
  • Add video on your blog.
  • Fix broken links.
  • Make your website responsive.
  • Manage bounce rate.
  • Improve website loading time.
  • Optimize image before uploading
  • Use related post plugin for lower bounce rate.
  • Remove all stop words from permalinks
  • Always write minimum 500 words.
  • Outbound link with the high-quality website.
  • Use power words in your article.

On Page SEO Techniques For Better Ranking in 2017

    Content Comes First

Unique & quality content always helpful for the ranking purpose. Always write quality content rather than quantity. Google loves the quality content & always fetch the data in search engine results as per article quality & uniqueness. so make sure before you leave this point.

    Blog Post Title

Blog post title is very important to attract the more visitors to your website. Traffic is directly proportional to rank, it means if your website gets lots of traffic than your website page rank automatically increase. so make your blog title more unique & attractive for more CTR (click through rate). A good CTR gives you both ranking & traffic as well.

on page SEO techniques

    Meta Tags

Meta tags define your article in front of the search engine in short form. the meta description is an important meta tag which provides valuable information about your article to search engine.

Meta description is the very important because of two advantage. 1st we mentioned our targeted keywords in meta description for drive more traffic from search engine & the second factor is CTR (Click through rate), means how much attractive is your meta description your CTR automatically improve, because more people click on your link.

    Use Images In Your Article

Today people gives importance to images than reading & from the same search engine also gives importance to article with images. So you can use images with related keyword & also you can make videos for the same, it’s gives lots of traffic & also good for your blog page rank.

    Article Length also Matters

Article length is also an important concern in term of ranking. Article length improves your ranking, means more length directly proportional to good ranking. The best example for the same is Wikipedia. So for improving your page rank, you need to write the long & quality article with targeted keywords.

    Internal & External Linking

Internal linking is very important factors in term of search engine ranking. for example- when you writing a new article than insert related post in your article. and also check your website for broken links time to time, if found some broken links than fix it immediately.

The external link is just a hyperlink which points to other domain from your domain. when you writing an article than always insert some external link in your article, which gives you backlinks as well.

Where Place the Keyword:

  • Insert targeted keyword in title
  • Insert targeted keyword in meta description
  • Insert keyword in 1st paragraph.
  • Insert keyword in image ALT tag.
  • Insert keyword in heading.


There are lots of factors which can responsible for your website search engine ranking. but in this article, we only mentioned on page SEO techniques. so if you have any question regarding the same than free to contact us and also you can share your idea about the on page SEO in 2017.


  • STW Services LLP March 22, 2017 Reply

    Helpful Blog for improve website ranking also what we focus on other things only
    On-page SEO is not responsible for page rank.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Antoaneta March 28, 2017 Reply

    Thank you so much for your advice!
    I sure have lots to learn so your article came just at the right moment!

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