Mobile SEO Mistakes

Top 6 Most Trending Mobile SEO Mistakes You Need To Know

Mobile SEO mistakes TO avoid to mobile success in 2017

As you all know, mobile first indexing in late 2016. That’s mean mobile SEO is the more important term for every website handler. Because of Google clear that mobile SEO is on first priority if your website is not optimized for mobile than it harmful for your mobile SEO.

SO be careful & avoid the below mention mobile SEO mistakes & drive more traffic from your mobile site, and keep your mobile visitors happy.

Top 6 Most Trending Mobile SEO Mistakes

    Slow Loading Speed

A website slows loading speed is the common & most harmful mistake for mobile SEO. website loading speed is also important in term of Google ranking because Google doesn’t consider the slow loading website in search results. There are lots of ways to improve the website loading time & things to keep in mind when you dealing the same.

  • Keep your pages simple & clean.
  • Avoid 301 redirect
  • Remove unnecessary element, plugging, images from your website.
  • Optimize HTML code
  • Compress images
  • You can also create AMP optimize pages
  • Minify CSS & JavaScript

    Heavy interstitials pop Up Ads

running lots of interstitials ads on your website also reduce your website speed. Interstitials ads irritating the reader & also makes your site heavier. Any website which has provided poor user experience could rank lower in search engine. always try to make your website lighter for improving rank & include yourself in SERP.

  • Avoid pop-up ads as much as possible.
  • Eliminate login dialog & unnecessary things from your website.

    Forget to test your design

for improve the mobile SEO you need to setup your website layout as per standard. Your design must be mobile friendly. Mobile design consists of several things like fonts, space in the element. There things are important for improving the user experience.

  • Remove noindex tags.
  • Check all tags are set properly.

    Unnecessary Content (Videos or Multimedia content)

if you include video or any multimedia content on your website, make sure how it will affect your site performance. So if your multimedia content and videos not getting proper view than you have to remove the same. because page speed is the more important factor & for making fast loading website then you need to remove unnecessary content from your website.

  • Eliminate unnecessary content like unplayed videos, multimedia content from your page.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins, content as well.

    Mobile 404 errors

it is necessary for each & every webmaster to make sure that the visitors never leave your website with meaningless 404 error message. Some pages will perfectly work on the web but sometimes they will not work on mobile sites. so this is the big & common reason for ranking & it also badly affect the SEO.

  • Use Responsive page designs
  • Webmaster tool
  • Check the crawl error time to time in webmaster tools

    Too much Text & images on the page

Always emphasis on quality rather than quantity. It’s good for writing more words content but using too many images & content put you in trouble. overwriting content & images is not good for your website health so make sure always write only quality & understanding content on your website & don’t divert the reader. this is very trending Mobile SEO mistakes avoid it ASAP.

  • Always write formatted & quality content.
  • Makes your article proper readable.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity.


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