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Keys To Increasing Sales Conversions In 2017

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Are you running an online business? Or Are you a blogger? No matter who you are, if you wants to make money online the very important thing which you need to focus on is how to increase sales conversion.

Every year you see many new trends and also see many old trends fade out. In 2017 also you will see many trends which will help you to increase sales conversion of your business or blog.

Today I am going to share the keys to increasing sales conversion in 2017.

1) Increase Trust:

Trust is the very first thing which makes a visitor buys something from your site. Trust is what makes a website or blog brand online. It is observed that the trustable brands have way more conversion than the brands which are not focusing on building trust.

For example: is an online casino brand that makes his customers fully trusts it. Users trust for its advanced software, high-quality customer support and high level of security. People have the trust to pay online on this site.

2) A/B testing:

Are you hearing it the first time? A/B testing is the real thing which helps you to increase sales conversion in real time. You can check the complete guide for the a/b testing.

For example: If you have two headlines in mind and you are not able to decide which one you should use, then you can take help of A/B test to find out which works best for you.

3) Set up sales funnel:

When you want to make sale, don`t go to fast. It could kill your conversion rate. When people check about something online, they may not be psychologically ready to buy the product same time.

You should set a sales funnel to find out:

  • What visitor wants?
  • What you want your visitors to do
  • How you should give them compelling reasons to buy your product or service.

4) Use Social Media:

In 2017, you should focus more on keeping a strong social media presence. Social media networks are the big places with millions of active users. Keeping the high profile in social media networks helps you to boost your sales conversion and create brand awareness.

For example: You can use Twitter stats to get more conversions.

5) No More Jargon:

Do not use confusing, complicated or fancy business language, as it can confuse the visitor and never deliver the right message. When you market online, you write for readers and if you make them confuse then how you can expect them to make the decision.

Use clear words and sentences. When you share about the product online, share it in the way you are talking to the person as your close friend.

We are already in 2017 and it is the time when you should use these keys to increasing sales conversion. If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.


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