Increase Your Website Organic Traffic

Google SEO: 7 Quick Ways to Increase Your Website Organic Traffic

Everyone wants to include their website in Organic Search Results. Increase Your Website Organic Traffic is not much simpler because it’s a very time consuming & long time Process. So I think you need to be patient because if you are just started then there are lots of things, matter in Organic Search Engine Ranking.

For past years, Improving Google ranking is not So Hard I think. But nowadays, it’s more complex due to regular changes in Google algorithm. So you need to work hard for the same. For going on the top.

So in this article, we are focused on some Major things which are must for Getting Top ranking in Search Engine.

7 Quick Ways to Increase Your Website Organic Traffic

Optimize your Website Backlinks (Bad & Good): Link Building is an old & very effective technique for Improve your online Presence. If you are looking for get traffic from Google. Then you need to know about Link Building importance in SEO. If you think all backlinks are good, it’s not fine. Backlinks are both types Good & bad. So for Getting top ranking, you need to analyze your backlinks and Remove bad ones.

  • Remove Bad links.
  • Build Smart & Safe Backlinks.
  • Submit your Content in Quality Directories.
  • Link your Website with relevant & top Website in your industry.
  • Links from Long Article will keep more value.
  • Get Links from Trusted Source.

Write SEO Friendly & Good Quality Content (Make sure Search Engine Understand Your Content): as you know, Google loves the Quality Content. For increase your Organic Traffic this the one & topmost method. If your content is SEO friendly, Unique and Quality then you will definitely book your space in Search Engine Ranking.

  • Make Sure Search Engine understand Your Content.
  • Make Sure Search Engine Easily Find your blog.
  • Don’t Post Duplicate Content.

Optimize your Content, Keyword & Meta Data: Google fetch any website detail by using metadata & keyword in a meta data 1st paragraph. And if your Metadata contains information about Readers query, your website has more chance to get higher in Search Engine Ranking.

  • Optimize Meta Title, description & Keyword.
  • Optimize images alt, Description, and title.
  • Put your primary keyword in First paragraph.
  • Use long tail keywords

Social Media Promotion (Social Sites + Forums): social media is the best platform for Promote your Product or Services. Google also understand the signal of Social media for the rank higher. You just need to share your content over the all topmost social media & Social bookmarking website.

  • Share Your Content on Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups & Google+ Community.
  • Submit your URLs on Social Bookmarking Sites such as Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon, & Digg etc.
  • Submit your URL’s in all Major Search Engine.
  • Add your link on related forums & Q/A Sites.

Guest post on Reputable sites in Your Industry: this is the best way to promote your website by publishing article on the reputable website in your industry. Its gives you referral traffic as well as healthy backlinks also. Do you know, Guest post on the low-quality website is not so good I think? Because it creates the negative impact on your website.

  •  Don’t Publish Guest post on Low-Quality Website

Avoid Spelling & Grammatical Errors: Spelling & Grammatical errors also arise negative impact on your readers. if your article Contains more Errors then it’s also a big problem as the point of Google. For make your article error free you just need to scan your Article with Grammar check tools. I am Using Grammarly tool for the same.

  • Check your Article before Publish (Spelling or Grammatical Error)
  • Google Emphasis on Error frees Articles.

Analyze Your Website: to get top rank is not an easier task so you need to check up on your website time to time. There are lots of things to remember when you are working for top rank.

  • Make Sure Your Robust.txt not block any URLs that’s you don’t want to block.
  • Add a Sitemap.
  • Speed Up Your Website,
  • Reduce Bounce Rate


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    • piyush saini February 1, 2017 Reply

      Dear Gaurav, you can join me on Facebook for more info

    • piyush saini February 1, 2017 Reply

      Dear Gaurav, you can join me on Facebook for more info

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