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Blogging Tips: Secret to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blog Traffic helps in Improve your Search Engine Ranking. In Now days Gain more traffic on the Search engine is very complex because Search engine now Required Quality over Quantity. if you are Looking for blog traffic then you are on right place. In this article, we mention some secret to Increase your blog traffic which is 100% practical.

Blogging Tips: Secret to Increase Your Blog Traffic

  1. Make Viral Content:

every blogger make viral his content but many people do not know the trick. So below we mention two secret for viral your content.

First Secret is to Write attractive titles for the blog post. So you making an attractive and Incredible title are great to get maximum hits on your posts. because 9 out of 10 individually click on the Post-its depends on title.

The second secret is to get the length of your blog post. Buzzsumo, the distributor of viral content, found that the most shared blog posts ranged from 200 to 10,000 words. So develop some elaborated posts. Also try to put some good looking images related to your posts. It will make readers to understand your posts more clearly. It will also look like professional written post and readers will assess the author as a real expert. As a result they will come again to look for the next post of the author.

2. Share Your Blog Post more than Once: 

if you are looking for traffic then you need to share your blog post more than once in a day or Month. there are several social media platform that helps you to gain more traffic like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc. so join groups or communities as per your blog topics & share your blog post in them.

3. Link your Article with the older post: linking your new article with the older post is a great way to increase your page view. if you are doing the same then visitors make like your linked topics & visit on your post so you have more chances to gain hits.

4. Install Fast Loading Theme: there are thousands of theme available. you need select the right one that compatible with your blog content. a good theme attract more visitors. so with the compatibility design is also matter in choosing a theme. there have some basic theme free to use. but you should buy premium theme from online marketplace.

5. Add a Share Button in Below your Post: there are hundred number of plugin available for the share your post on social networking sites. so add one of them to make your content more viral your content & reach for the right audience for your niche.

6. Guest Posting: guest post take a little bit time but it more Powerful for getting quality backlinks. once you start guest posting you have more chance to get backlinks. write on topics which you are really like. basically, guest posting means to Publish a Article on another Website or Blog.  some blog offer guest posting not all. so find the Blog which accept guest post & Publish your article on them.

7. Start Commenting & Learn More: commenting is also a free way to get new backlinks. Make a list of your topic related blogs & read their post & get ideas from there. if you have any question regarding any article you may put your question in comment box. commenting is best way to get instant backlinks from another blog


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