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How to Increase Backlinks Free for Your Blog

Backlinks are the Important Part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If any website is Point to your Website then it is good for SEO Ranking. But Search Engine Give Importance only Quality Backlinks. Improve your Alexa Ranking is also a Big Concern. So be Careful when you doing the same. there is various method to increase backlinks free but Many of them may be harmful. I mean to Say When you start First Step in SEO then Please understand the Working Method of SEO & its Steps.

Read Before you Start:

Increase Backlinks Free with Common Method:

  • Google+ Profile: Belive me Google+ Profile is Also Souce of Backlinks. you should Write a large Description on About Us Section. Link to your Website With your Google+ Profile.
  • Visit Some Blog and add Comment: make a List of Blogs according to your niche. read their Article on Regular basis & get some ideas. if you have any query then you can put your question in Comment Box. there is a chance to get Backlinks.
  • Submit your Article in Social Networking Sites: After Publish Your Article you need to Share your Article on Major Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.

Increase Backlinks Free with Social Media

  • Publish Video: for getting more quality Backlinks you need to Make quality Video & publish on major media Website like Dailymotion & Youtube.
  • Google+ Sites are a Simply way to create a Structured Pages. So this method give you backlinks from Google. you can Create & Edit pages on with the help of this method you get easily backlinks from Google pages.
  • Submit Link & text Post to Reddit: this is very popular Method because if you share your Article on Reddit you get backlinks as well as Traffic also. so Share your all posts on Reddit you get instant traffic on your Website & also a good chance to get backlinks
  • Digg: Digg is Similar platform As Stumbleupon. Digg Gives you backlinks without No-follow tag & as a News aggregators, it gives you more visitors.
  • Stumbleupon: Stumbleupon is a discovery engine that helps user to read quality content. every blogger wants to traffic & Backlinks. you can get both from here. also a share button on your website to gain more traffic from StumbleUpon.
  •  Flicker: Flicker is Photo Sharing Site. I think you know that Search Engine Gives more importance to Images according to Content. so share your content images in Flickr it will give you more backlinks & traffic.

Increase Backlinks Free with Free Blogs

  • Create a Free Blog on WordPress
  • Create a Free Blog on Blogger
  • Create a Free Blog on Wix

Increase Backlinks Free with Community & Forums

  • Squarespace Answers: Squarespace answers gives you backlinks without No-follow tags.
  • Support: Support is Very high-Quality Forum. and best things is that all SEO company use it gives high-Quality Backlinks. this forum gives you totally do-follow Links.
  • Yahoo Answers: Yahoo answers is the Most Popular & you can easily link your post with Yahoo answers. In this Community, you can Join Every type of Question.
  • Microsoft Answers: this is another way to Get Quality Backlinks as Yahoo Answers.
  • CNET Forum: CNET Forum is Totally Technology Questions. it Gives more Quality Backlinks.


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