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A Guide to Improving Your Alexa Rank

Today I am going to tell you some practical method to improving your Alexa Rank. Alexa rank is to provides the estimate of how popular your site relative to all others site. is a Website that provides the information about your website like traffic Source, Page View, Bounce Rate & also provide Country wise rank. In other words, we can say Alexa define your website online presence. Alexa is a Ranking System which is based on your website traffic. If you are a blogger then Alexa is a Major Concern for you.

Alexa is a Ranking System which is based on your website traffic. If you are a blogger then Alexa improvement is a Major Concern for you. Website which have good quality Regular Updated content, will always good Alexa traffic.

A Guide to Improving Your Alexa Rank

1. Insert Alexa Widget : Insert an Alexa rank widget on your blog is also help you to increase Alexa ranking. It will display the current status of your blog. You can register your blog on & Paste source code in your blog. After that claim your website you need to verify your account after confirmation you get Alexa ranking.

2. Produce Quality & Unique Content: Quality Content is the most of the important factor in SEO as well as Alexa also. So if you are working for Alexa improvements so first thing is to write quality content & write unique information for your readers. As you know Google loves quality content, so if you are Provide quality content so definitely you get more improvements.

3. Keep Writing on Regular Basis: I Think Write regularly is also an important part in improvement of Alexa. Because a dead blog no one like. Don’t be copy paste the content from another website. If you doing the same you loose Alexa rank. Update you blog with new content on regular basis. If you are not update your pages or content regularly then you loose Alexa rank as per your estimation.

4. Write about Alexa: this is also a practical method. If you write a post about Alexa then you get some backlinks from Alexa. This is a quick way to increase Alexa ranking. This technique is recommended by many bloggers & also helpful for me.

5. Make Your Social Presence: Alexa also depends on Social Presence of A Website/ Blog. So share your content in Major Social Network Such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites. By increasing social presence your sites get more popular & it’s also good for Alexa ranking matter.

6. Get more related sites to Link to your Website: as you all know Backlinks is the Top most factor in Seach Engine Optimization. So if you want to get higher so you need to build backlinks to your blog/Website. There are several way to build backlinks like commenting, directory submission, search engine submission & lost more. Smart & Safe Way to Build Backlinks

7. Follow your Competitors Strategy: there are several benefits for analyses your competitors. If your competitors have good Alexa traffic so you follow his marketing strategy and apply on your website. You need to understand your competitor’s marketing plan like, source of traffic & backlinks website etc. this will help you a lot.

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