How to increase domain authority

How To Increase Domain Authority- 4 Steps Process

What is Domain Authority (DA)

Every blogger wants to rank higher in search engine ranking & increase domain authority but there are lots of metrics which can define your website in front of the search engine. So domain authority is also one of them. Domain authority is a grade /score (0-100 Range) which can define your website online rank means how well your website ranking in search engines. in this article, we mention some of the major factors which can helpful for improving your website domain authority.

A website with high DA grade likely rank higher in search engine results

Do you want to know how to increase domain authority of your website?

In this post, I will share some amazing methods that will help you to raise the domain authority of your blog.
Why domain authority is important in term of ranking.

Domain authority is very important for search engine ranking. if you focus on domain authority of your website then you have more chance to rank higher because search engine gives the priority of good DA sites.
How to increase domain authority of your website.

Domain authority can’t be purchased from any ranked website you have to earn the same by doing hard work. So focus on below mention steps may it helps you for improving your website domain authority.

How To Increase Domain Authority- 4 Steps Process

    Publish High-Quality Content

content is the king in term of blogging. So you need to write quality, unique & attractive content to achieve the good domain authority. You can also use the images, videos or infographics for making your article more informative. Google loves the quality & unique content if you doing the same then you have a chance to consider your website in search engine results.

  • Use infographics, images or videos in your article.
  • Use minimum 700 words article.
  • Don’t write copied content.
  • Don’t do grammatical errors.
  • Always write an attractive title or unique meta description.

    Build Strong Internal Linking

Internal linking is the important term because interlinking reduces the bounce rate & also increase the time of visitors on your site. You can link your new post with older posts. It also helps to search engine bots to find your website easily & also increase your page authority by doing the same.

  • Always link with high-quality website & ignore bad links: it’s not easy to link with the high-quality website. Lots of bloggers doing the same mistake by building low-quality backlinks which don’t have value in front of the search engine, hence they reduce your website overall ranking on Google. There are lots of ways to increase your backlinks but the quality makes matter. So be careful & always analyze the website before linking, if you found a website is a too low quality then don’t link with the same because it hurts your website ranking & also analyzes your whole website backlink & remove the bad links immediately. website backlinks is also the important part in term of improving domain authority. 15 Amazing Ways To Get Quality Backlinks
  • Share your content on social Networking sites: social media promotion is on the trend so for improving your domain authority in term of quality you need to share your article in major social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc. because social media is the active community right now so you have reached more potential readers by doing the same. Best 25+ Social Networking Websites to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

    Guest posting

Guest posting is also the best way to building quality backlink. Guest posting has lots of benefits like referral traffic, online reputation of your brand, quality backlinks and lots more. but before you doing the same you need to understand the concept behind the same. always write the guest post on a good ranking website I mean to say high-quality website. when you doing guest posting then always focus on the high-quality website & ignore bad links. because it hurts your website domain authority.

  • Target good ranking website for guest posting.
  • Always write your best.
  • Promote your guest post.

    On- Page SEO

On-page SEO include technical factors which can helpful for growing your website domain authority. As you know on-page SEO is the very important for each & every website. because without improving the on-page SEO you can’t reach to the domain authority. 6 Most Popular On Page SEO Techniques Can Improve Your Ranking

  • Always write unique & attractive title
  • Meta Description with targeted keyword.
  • Use proper heading tags with targeted keyword
  • Image optimization (Reduce image size)


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  • Alena Sham May 15, 2017 Reply

    Nice post . Domain authority is a measure of “how good is your site, compared to others “. The more incoming and outbound links to higher authority sites, more will be the DA. 30-40 is average DA. Anything about 40 is good. Anything above 50 is excellent.

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    Nice post bro. My blog has a very low domain authority. I was looking for ways to increase it so I can make quality backlinks for my other blogs. Thanks for such an immense article.
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    Very useful tips for increasing DA. Thanks for sharing Piyush.

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