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What is Backlink & How to Increase Backlinks to Your blog

In search Engine Optimization, Backlinks is one of the Major Part. Many people which is new in Search Engine Optimization struggle to Understand the Concept of Backlinks. so in this article I Hope you will understand the concept of Backlinks.

What Is Backlink?

In Search Engine Optimization backlinks is an Incoming link to a web page to your Own blog or Web page. it is also term as inbound links. these links are important in calculating the popularity of your blog. because all search engine especially Google give more importance to your blog or website that have more number of Quality Backlinks. there are some Backlinks types mention below:

  • Link Juice: When a Webpage link to your article or your web page then it pass the link juice in other words we can say when any website link to our website is term as Link juice. it helps you to drive your article more searchable on google & also improve domain authority.
  • DoFollow: DoFollow is a special format of tagging the hyperlinks of a blog. When a backlink is tagged as a DoFollow link, it helps the website readers to get redirected to the site. by default all links you add in blog post article is Do-Follow & they pass in link Juice.
  • NoFollow: When a Webpage links to another webpage, but the link has a no-follow tag, that link does not pass the link juice. Nofollow links is not count as page improvement concern & doesn’t boost your Page Rank. Example: when you comment in other blogs then you get No follow backlinks.
  • Internal Links: Internal links is term as link that are going to one Page to another page in same Domain.
  •  Anchor Text: The clickable link which is used in a hyperlink is termed as an Anchor Text. if you are working on a particular keyword then anchor text play an important role & helps in to improve your backlinks. basically, these are the keyword which is used in anchor text for increase backlinks.


How to Increase Backlinks to Your Blog: 

  • Write Quality Article: this is one of the most powerful method for getting backlinks. if your article is more Relevant & original then you don’t need anything. this is very simple way to getting quality backlinks for your blog. Make a article with complete research  & Used Power words in your article. I promise you get more traffic as you can.
  • Start Commenting & Learn More: commenting is also a free way to get new backlinks. Make a list of your topic related blogs & read their post & get ideas from there. if you have any question regarding any article you may put your question in comment box. commenting is best way to get instant backlinks from another blog.
  • Submit Your Blog in Web Directories: this is not a easy way to submit your blog in web directory. because is very difficult to find out the Legal directory for your blog. you also you manually verified blog directory for submit your blog.
  • Post on Social Network: Social media is the Popular way to get the backlink. there are several social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon which can give you more quality backlinks. you have to share your article on Facebook groups & Google+ community according to your Topic.
  • Submit Guest Post: guest post take a little bit time but it more Powerful for getting quality backlinks. onve you start guest posting you have more chance to get backlinks. write on topics which you are really like. basically, guest posting means to Publish a Article on another Website or Blog.  some blog offer guest posting not all. so find the Blog which accept guest post & Publish your article on them.

Advantage of Backlink in Search Engine Optimization:

  • for Improve Ranking
  • for Faster Index in Search Engine
  • for Drive Referal Traffic
  • Branding
  • for Building Authority
  • Promotion


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