Grammarly Review: World’s Most Accurate Grammar Checker Tool

If your English Grammar is Poor then its create Problem in Speaking, Reading and writing more than you think. English is most Preferred Language over the world & it’s on Trend. think about it because you can’t compromise with it.

Don’t worry if you suffering from the same Problem. I have a Free Solution for those whose Grammar is not So Good. With the help of this tool, you can Learn & also correct your Words immediately and improve your Writing in English.

You can easily correct up to 250 Points of your grammatical errors immediately.

Do You Want to Know what’s it is ?

That Awesome tool name is Grammarly. It’s word’s most accurate grammar checker tool which checks your grammar. i think Grammarly is the easy & Quick way to improve your Writing.


What is Grammarly – As site tells, Grammarly is the World leading automated proofreader, It checks more than 250 types of spelling, grammar, and the punctuation error. Grammarly will help you to enhance your vocabulary by Suggest citation.

How to Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is basically an online Grammar & Spelling checker tool that helps you to understand the Correct Word & Grammar & Raise your Communication. it’s easy to use & best way to improve your writing.

if you are looking for free then you can direct paste your code in Grammarly online Text editor or You can Download and Install Grammarly Browser extension.

Grammarly browser extension gives you complete access for Writing online Including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Tumblr. you can also correct all Grammatical errors for free all over the web.

The best thing behind the Grammarly is that it offer both Free & Premium Plans. there are 4 Ways to Use Grammarly Proofreader tool.

browser externsion Grammarly

  1. Grammarly Browser Extension. (Download here): Grammarly browser extension is free of cost you just need to Download & Install for the same. when you are using Grammarly Browser Extension then you can Correct are misspelled words & Grammatical error within your Browser.
  2. You can Use Online Editor (Direct Paste you text in Grammarly online editor): The online editor is one of the easiest ways to check your text Spelling, Punctuation, Vocabulary, Plagiarism and all other 250+ English rules. You can also Upload or Download Your Own File for Check online and you can Easily access your contents from anywhere by saving it online editor.
  3. Microsoft Office Extension: if you are Preferred Microsoft office for Writing then you can Use Microsoft office extension. it gives you complete access as we get in the online editor. you need to just install and enable Microsoft office extension on your system after that, you can write error free article. MS office extension is not available for MAC users. But if you are using windows on MAC then you can use add-on.
  4. Native app for Window/ MAC: Grammarly improving their feature or Services day by day to end users. Now they designed a new application for PC & MAC for error-free writing. With the help of this app, you can just drop your document file inside the Window/ MAC Native app and Start editing your Documents.

Features of Grammarly: 

  • Check Your Spelling: Many People are facing spelling mistake problems & its common I think. but Grammarly gives you a chance to make it correct. for Example: if you write a Misspelled words same as below mention picture then Grammarly tools Suggest citation. this tools scan Your Whole page and underline (Red line) the wrong words, you just click on the word and suggest you correct word. same as below mention Picture.



  • Check Your Grammar: Same as Spelling mistake Grammar mistake is also a common Problem With Many People. Becuase many people didn’t decide which one is best for his sentence. With the mind of this problem, Grammarly designed an Advanced Grammar Application that checks the contents with over 250+ Grammatical Issues.
    it will also help you to Improve your grammar as Well. once you know the right grammar with the Help of Grammarly I think after that you never doing the same mistake.



  • Check Your Punctuation: Punctuation is a Big thing in English Becuase it can change the entire meaning of the Sentence. Punctuation is basically symbols that are used to organize the content. it helps end user to understand what content want to says.



  • Plagiarism Checking (Check it here) – is the Method by Which you can Find out the Content that already Publish on the internet or Others blog. I think you Know the Power Behind the Unique Content. Unique content is very important in term of your Search Engine Ranking.
    many people using the same for delivering the Unique & attractive content on the internet. for check your content uniqueness you can paste your text on Grammarly online editor after that it will return the Duplicate sentences or words.


  • Vocabulary Enhancement: I’m also faces many Problems about Writing articles because of bad English Vocabulary. I’m also using Grammarly for Enhance my Vocabulary. and if you want to improve your Vocabulary than you have to go with Grammarly Proofreading tool for the same. it allows you to check your content in detail. Even if you select company name or product name, it will show you all of its details by grabbing info from Wikipedia.


Who can Use Grammarly: 

millions of people worldwide with Grammarly. because its cover several industries like Educational, Professional, Healthcare, Academic Marketing & Journalism.

  1. Student (Writing Essay, report, College entrance application etc.)
  2. Professional Businessman (improving Skill, Emails, Report & lots)
  3. Blogger & Content Writer
  4. Writer for Writing Novels

In addition of online text editor, Grammarly also offers a Free Browser extension for Chrome & Safari, which corrects over 150 types of errors. A Free Subscriber just Get Limited Features. Vocabulary & Plagiarism checking Features available for Premium Subscribers.


Pros & Cons of Grammarly:

Pros of Grammarly: Grammarly have lots of advantages and its awesome tool i think. the main advantage as my point of view is mention below

  1. Much better than Microsoft office.
  2. able to correct Grammar & Spelling Mistakes.
  3. Correct over 250+ types of errors like spelling, Punctuation, Vocabulary & Grammatical Error etc.
  4. Familiar with the online website by using Browser extension.
  5. Facility for Check Copied Content (Plagiarism Checker)


Cons of Grammarly:

  1. not working for offline Users.
  2. Auto saved & Undo Function is not Working in MS Office.
  3. Premium Plans is the Little bit costly.


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