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9 Email Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

For too many Entrepreneurs don’t understand the importance of Email marketing. That is a mistake. Email Marketing is still a highly effective way to increase your business sale. Many people believe in social media marketing as compared to email marketing. But email marketing is the better choice for increase your sales. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses to communicate the audience to improve online presence as well as sale.

Email Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

1. Select an Email Marketing Provider: if you are ready to join email marketing then the first step is to select an email marketing provider. There is many software & service provider they can give you a chance to send bulk email. First of all, you need to create your account in below mention one of them. After that, you can select email address on which you want to send the email. You can upload your contact list & send the email to them. My favorite is mail Chimp because in which have some inbuilt drag & drop templates

2. Give the Chance to get People Sign Up: you can attract people to give the chance to get sign up. This is a great way to grow your list as well as your sale too.

3. Keep Your Contact Updated:  this point is very important For Ex- if you have 1000 Email in your list & 200 of them is not in use or even not in your industry. Then this is completely time-consuming. So please refine your list with email campaign & update your contact on regular basis. If you are doing the same then you get some benefits of email marketing. Otherwise, you one of them, who say email marketing, is not useful.

4. Focus on Subject line: The main thing in email marketing is the subject because the subject is the things that attract the customer to read the content. And in the email marketing, open rate of an email is most important factor. It indicates your email list status also. Makes your subject line more attractive or clickable. So I guarantee you get some good result in favor of your business.

5. Focus on Little Things: there are some little things which can impact on your email marketing campaign. So focus on some below mention points.because email marketing strategy working on them.

  • Attractive headlines
  • Don’t Confuse customers-being straight to the point
  • Research guiding the best time to send email
  • Determine the Purpose of your Campaign
  • Clear talk ways

6. Check Bounce Rate: Email marketing is also has a great feature to track your email bounce rate. So before sending any campaign must check your bounce rate point. If you have more bounce rate then compresses your images and change the font of your content. If your bounce rate is more than your email is not delivered in the inbox.

7. Test Email: Test your email before sending. You can send email in your own email & check that email is delivered on inbox & all content & images content is correct after that you have to proceeds.

8. Tracking Setup: after sending email campaign it is very important to track your email marketing report. It is necessary to check your email score. I mean how much the email open, click & bounce. And after remove the bounce email id from your list. Because if you have more bounce rate then you can block by some service provider & also you lose your Email sending limit.

9. Newer Stop growing list: grow your email marketing list time to time and also remove bounce email. If you can use these techniques then you definitely get some great result. Your Income & sale will increase with your email marketing effort. Use social media but don’t ignore the email marketing. Because it’s still working & not going away.

Use social media but don’t ignore the email marketing. Because it’s still working & not going away.

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