SEO Mistakes That Killing Your Website Traffic

5 Common SEO Mistakes That Killing Your Website Traffic Day By Day

Are you doing these common SEO mistakes that killing your website traffic?

Blogging is not an easy job, every successful blogger doing lots of SEO mistakes & facing many problems in the time of beginning. but learn from the mistakes it’s the way of life. also, I am also doing lots of SEO mistakes when I start blogging. this article is important because these common SEO mistakes killing your website traffic.

we all know, blogging is very difficult & responsible job & it required lots of time & efforts. everyone wants to make his article SEO friendly but unfortunately, some mistake will be made. so be careful & avoid these mistakes which we are mention below because if you are doing the same mistakes than you won’t be able to improve your website ranking.

Common SEO Mistakes That Killing Your Website Traffic

    Lacking On-Site SEO

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing every web page individually in term of rank higher & earn more relevant traffic from search engine. On-page refers both the content & HTML source code of any page that can be optimized.

13 Off-Page SEO Techniques to Build Your Online Presence

  • Meta Title: Every website should have an attractive & unique meta title under 70 character. Meta title is very important on page SEO techniques. Meta title is the title for search engine user and to help it index the page. you should use keywords in the meta title. Meta title also tells both user & search engine about your page. so always write a unique & attractive Meta title for earn more traffic from the search engine & social as well.

Google SERP Meta title

  • Meta Description: The meta description will appear in search engine results in below the URL in a paragraph. this is also in term of the snippet. The meta description is also visible when people share the article on the social media & other websites as well. meta description also important in term of SEO because search engine fetching the data as per meta description compatibility. the most relevant, unique & attractive meta description is always on the top.
  • Alt Tags: when you are using an image in your article then be sure to include an ALT tag text within the image tag. so always use the applicable keyword in the alt tag, because it negatively affects your SEO when targets incorrectly. So just describe the image as per relevant keyword.
  • Content: Content is the structure of your on-site SEO. majorly your content should be unique, original, keyword rich for the earn more traffic from search engine ranking because search engine loves the quality content. content quality consist several things like post layout, heading, title, description, alt tag, grammatical etc.

    Missing Sitemap

Google sitemap is very important for each & every website because sitemap helps search engine spider for find your pages easily. Google sitemap is really important for drive organic traffic without setting the same you won’t be able to get traffic from search engine.

    Building Low-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks is very important part of each & every website. but backlinks is also several types so be sure & always build high-quality backlinks.  some people building backlinks without knowing the reputation of backlinks, it hurts your website online reputation & search engine ranking. so always link with the high-quality website and remove low-quality backlinks immediately.

    Error 404 Redirect

redirection of pages is also a necessary part of your website in term of Seach engine ranking. Basically, we used 404 redirects for the pages which not exists or removed from our website. because without using 404 redirect user migrate on 404 error and it very harmful for your website.

    Broken Links

Broken links is also responsible for reduced your website traffic because broken links earn the bad reputation for your website. so install the plugin for checking the same & repair broken links time to time. broken links is not good for SEO & if your website has broken links than your ranking decrease day by day.

    Slow Loading Website

This the common reason with many websites for poor ranking or traffic. because search engine gives importance of fast loading website. so test your website loading speed & make it fast loading ASAP. Google algorithm check only fast loading website for example- if your website have good quality content & images but your website loading speed is slow than search engine never pick your website in search results.


In this article, we mention some common SEO Mistakes That Killing Your Website Traffic and ranking as well. there are lots of SEO factor which can affect traffic & ranking but here we mention some major one. so if you learn more from mistakes than please share with me. because I am just sharing my experience about the traffic & ranking. so you are free to share your experience with me.

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