Why Visitor Leave Your Blog

7 Must Known Tips to Measure Why Visitor Leave Your Blog

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As you all know, bounce rate plays an important role in search engine ranking. So with the help of this article, you will measure why visitors leave your blog soon.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the metrics of Visitor who land to your website & leave your website without clicking any link. If visitors leave, it means they either did not find what they want or looking for, or the page was not visitors friendly. Bounce rate depends on below mention factors.

A high Bounce rate indicates that your visitors are not understood your content or your writing method as well. They are looking for more quality content on your site. The Primary goal for a blog/ Website owner is to attract visitors and Provides quality & Precise Guidelines as per your niche.

So attract the right visitors and work for them.

So in this article, we mention some important points to Measure why visitors leave your blog. Because this very important parameter for Search Engine Ranking. So reduce your bounce rate at any cost.

5 Must Known Tips to Measure why Visitor leave your blog?

Your Content is Not Easily Readable/Quality/ Information: 

this is the major reason for visitors to leave your blog. Because if any visitors did not find found your content valuable than they have to bounce. So you need to write quality content with the right keyword to match your content.  If your  Article Contain quality content & Keyword & your writing method is looks like boring.  I mean to say that you write your article without Using Any Paragraph, Heading, Subheading, Bullets or Point etc. than Reader can’t get the point that you want to say.

Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate

  • Write Attractive headlines & Meta Descriptions for Search Engine Visitors.
  • Use Bullets or Points to explain your Topic.
  • Use Subheading to light on Your Topic.
  • Provide Fresh & Precise Content.
  • Make Your Content Easy to Read.
  • Split long Post in Paragraphs.
  • Bold you’re Keywords.

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Not targeting for the Right Keywords:

Keywords can make or break your content marketing campaign. If you want to Increase your search engine ranking than you need to start targeting high-value keyword.

Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate

  • Write the Quality & deep content with targeting keywords.
  • Get the idea from Google Adwords Keyword planner.
  • Target High-Value Keyword.
  • Don’t Stuff keywords.


More Loading time of Your Website:

more Loading time of your Website gives you  more bounce rate. If your website loading slowly than visitors leave your blog soon. The Slower your Landing Page also create a problem as Per Google Search Ranking. Because Google Gives the Importance of fast loading Website as compare to high Loading website.

Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate

  • Optimize your images with WordPress Plugin.
  • Remove Query String from the static Pages to improve Performances.
  • Remove Unused Plugin from your Website.
  • Tweaking .htaccess file


Login is Necessary  for doing comment:

this point is also responsible for increase bounce rate as my point of view. Because if in your blog login is the must for doing comment so you leave the opportunity to gain comment & you leave a visitors as well as a valuable reader & his comment also.

Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate

  • Remove Sign Up Option for Doing Comments.
  • Allow People for Doing the Same & reply as well.


Annoying Pop Ups:

Pop Ups ads irritate your visitors & also responsible for increase your bounce rate. Pop Ups is the major reason for bounce rate increment. Because if any website had pop-ups ads than user navigate in the wrong path & can’t able to read your content well & bounce.

Tips To Reduce Bounce RateTip:

  • Remove Pop-Ups from your Website/ Blog.
  • Don’t Use heavy ads that create Problems for Reading content.



Your website is not mobile friendly:

make your website user-friendly for the reduce bounce rate. If your site is not responsive for the mobile user than mobile visitors face many problem & bounce from your web. This is the  important factor because almost every person using the mobile phone for surfing & reading online content.

Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate

  • Optimize your website for Mobile, I-Pod etc.
  • Make your Website user-friendly for Mobile User.


Open External link in new window:

open the External link in same page will surely decrease your page view. And also affect your bounce rate. So make sure when you doing the same open external link in the new window.

Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate

  • Make external links to open in the New Window.
  • Use WP External Links plugin for WordPress User.


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