free ways to Increase your Facebook Page like

7 free Ways to Increase your Facebook Page like

We hear that most of the business come from the social networking sites & facebook is one of them. So if you are looking for increase facebook likes. then you are in the right place.  Facebook is the most popular platform to promote your business & to keep in touch with target customers. every organization Using facebook to target their customers, because of  most of the People active on facebook rather than other social Networking sites. for targeting customers, you need to create a facebook Brand page & promote your page and get more likes. if you have more facebook likes then you have a better online presence & people believe in you. so in this article, we have some method which can help you to increase facebook likes. 

Methods to Increase Your Facebook Page Like

  • Increase facebook likes via contests: facebook contests are the great way to get people excited & find more people in your industry. you may wonder that what the connection in between facebook likes & contests. so I will tell you that contests are the great way to drive more traffic & once you get traffic some interesting people may like your page. so every week put contests on your business facebook page & attract more visitors you can.
  • Increase Facebook Likes via Inviting Friends: Inviting friends is the very common way for increase your facebook likes. you can Select friends on your friend list & Invite him to like your facebook page. you send invitation one by one in your friend list.  you can also share your Page on your timeline or your friend timeline also.
  • Increase facebook likes via sharing in facebook groups: there are several groups on facebook in each industry. so select the pages according to your industry & share your content in them. you can get more likes from there & engaged with some customers also. you can also share related post on your page to gets more viral.
  • Increase Facebook Likes via Add Like button or Box on your Blog: a great way to increase facebook likes by capturing visitors on your blog & get them like on facebook. if you have a blog then using facebook like plugin tool for attracting more visitors. because many people avoid for signing up for email due to spam so facebook likes is the better alternative.
  • Increase Facebook Likes via Invite Email Contacts: make a list of potential customers & send him the invitation to like your facebook page.
  • Increase Facebook Likes via Facebook Ads: facebook ads are the easiest way to get more likes for your facebook page. most important factor in facebook ads is deciding your budget. once you set the facebook ads & you won’t get more likes so changing the target audience depending on the interest.
  • Increase Facebook Likes via Liker Tools: there are several tools for increase your facebook likes. so you can use these tools for get more likes. Use carefully otherwise facebook will ban your account.
  1. like4like
  2. Official Liker
  3. FB Autolikers


  1. Post-Quality Content
  2. Share your Post on Other Social Networking Sites like facebook, Twitter, google+ etc.
  3. Be Actives


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