5 Tips to Prevent Your Andriod Smartphone From Hanging and Slow Down.

5 Quick Tips to Solve Hanging Problem in Andriod Smartphone.

Hanging Problem in Andriod Smartphone?

There are millions of Android users around the world and growing day by day. But you know Android user facing several kinds of Problem-related hanging android Smartphone even all of those which is available on high rate. So in this article I am sharing some practical method to solve hanging problem in Android Smartphone. in this article we mention some tips to solve hanging problem in Andriod Smartphone may it works for you.

Android is the best operating system. Hanging is not completely company fault, in some cases, it’s our mistake also. Android Smartphone hanging due to many reasons. So in this article, we elaborate some of the major reason for the same. Hope it’s working for you. And helps you if you are facing to the same problem.

There are some major reasons which can affect your mobile speed or make it hang.

  • Installed some corrupted or outdated apps or application.
  • Memory card might be containing the virus or faulty.
  • Installed heavy game or Apps in Your Android device.
  • Open many heavy application at a time or game at a time.
  • Continuous usage of the internet from a long time.
  • Installing Apps in Phone Memory instead of External memory.
  • Running the heavy application on low memory.
  • If Internal Memory is full.

5 Quick Tips to Solve Hanging Problem in Andriod Smartphone.

by using below mention Quick tips you can Solve Hanging Problem in Andriod Smartphone forever.

1. Restart Phone: hanging problem is the general problem, it’s also occur due to Regular using Smartphone without restarting or reboot. Several problems might be solved by restarting your phone time to time. in a week once restart your phone to avoid this problem.

2. Increase Memory by Remove unwanted or unnecessary application: I think you know that every website uses cache to increase the page speed of a website. When you visit a website then your phone automatically store in the cache memory. This is term of Cookies & cache.
These unwanted data which is store in your cache memory will slow your mobile speed. And decrease the available memory for Apps & other file.

Go to Setting>>Storage>>Click on the Cache and Click on the Clear Cache.

3. Stop Using Smartphone in case of overheated: some times when we using our Android Smartphone at the most then it’s overheated. This is because of continuously using. So when it is overheated Stop using otherwise it’s going to hang.

4. Keep some Space in Phone Memory always: this is very common reason for hanging an android mobile phone. Sometimes we forgot that our Phone memory is full & we continuous installing more Apps, and this is the main reason for hang a phone. Because app needs to space for execute. If you don’t have sufficient space in phone memory. Then phone is hanging.

5. Move Installed apps to Memory card: same as above point if your phone memory is full then move your data, apps in external memory card this process save you from hanging problem. Move heavy file, Songs or apps in external card & free some space in phone memory for execution of apps. Always store your songs, videos in external memory card.

Bonus Tips:

Restore Data Factory Setting (Not Recommending): this is not recommending method & I personally don’t allow this method because its erase all you’re setting, data, apps means everything. This is also deleting your personal data such as contacts, memos, etc.
So if you are want to restore your phone so don’t forget to take backup of all files, or you can move your all data in external memory card.


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