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15 Amazing Ways To Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinks  are the most important Part for Each & Every Blog/ website. In the Previous article, we describe what is Backlink & Its Importance in SEO, in this Article, we are mention some top working ways to build Quality Backlinks.
Backlinks are also essential as per Search Engine Ranking factor.

The 10 Important URLs That Every Google User Should Know

If you have more quality backlinks then you have more chance to rank higher & traffic (Search Engine & Direct Traffic) as well. but be careful before doing the same because a wrong direction or step put you in trouble or your website may be penalized. some newbie blogger makes some kind of mistake like submit blog Url in the directory without knowing the directory reputation, link exchange in excess, get the link from spam or malicious sites & lots more. these mistakes also affect your site ranking. so be careful & get only quality backlinks.

In this article, we mention some less knowing backlink building techniques, which works perfectly so keep patience & work smart. before building the link from any website please analysis the website online presence, backlinks quality, SEO score & lots more. because a backlink from a bad site can affect your SEO. so analyze each & every backlink before you doing the same.

let’s Start the Process Building Backlinks

Learn Before you Start Building backlinks:

Advantages of Backlinks:

  • Improve your Organic Search Ranking.
  • Faster index your URL in Search Engine.
  • Drive referral traffic.
  • Building authority.
  • Branding & promotion.

15 Amazing Ways To Get Quality Backlinks:

1. Search your keywords in Search Engine – Open any trusted URL – Read post & Do comment with your Keyword. Means comment on Do-follow blogs and make sure these blogs are relevant to your blog.

2. Submit Guest post to the other blog.

3. Social Bookmarking also gives you backlinks and you should focus on following network: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon.

4. You can make a Q/A (Question & Answer) Forum for your website or link your blog to discussion board. Quora is one Such high-quality Discussion board.

5. Submit your Blog in Blog Directories. But don’t do the same without Knowing directory reputation. Submit your blog only repudiated Blog Directories.

6. Ask your Question (Related to your niche) in Yahoo Answers. You can Also Answer Question in Yahoo answer.

7. Interlink your All Post on your blog.

8. Exchange links from repudiated blogger in your niche will give you lots of natural quality backlinks.

9. Submit your Blog in Top social networking & Social bookmarking Sites.

10. Put your Blog Article on

11. Publish Interview top blogger on your blog.

12. Write high-Quality Article will surely give you strong Backlinks.

13. Submit your site to Dmoz.

14. Create a Wikipedia Page & insert your link in the Source section.

15. Offers lots of free downloads on your blogs.

Final Words:

As you know, content is the King. So Publish original & quality content you definitely find the quality Backlinks. If you are doing the same then you gain lots of organic traffic & ranking as well. so your readers love you and Quality backlinks comes to you I Promise.

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