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13 Dangerous Blogging Mistakes Behind Every Unsuccessful Blogger

Blogging success depends on many factors, also there are some common blogging mistakes which can halt on your success. so be careful and avoid the below mention Major dangerous blogging mistakes.

your blog is the best place to deliver your thoughts in front of potential readers and establish your reputation in your niche. but without planning, you can’t cross the sea of blogging. here are the blogging mistakes we made early on. so avoid the same and Start with the Blogging Sucess.

13 Dangerous Blogging Mistakes Behind Every Unsuccessful Blogger

1.  Not understanding your audience: the most common mistake of a new blogger is to find the right audience. Many bloggers clearly define the blog post with quality but they will not able to get the leads or visitors. This is because of understanding of the audience.

2. Covering too many topics: I agree with the single biggest mistake is to covering too many topics on a single blog. Everyone subscribe blog as per interest. But in case you write about lots of things then it’s not easy for the reader to understand your niche. Just write for the audience not for yourself.

3. Poor writing Skills: Suppose you have the expert in your niche. Means you have good knowledge about your industry. But in case your writing is not good then you won’t reach the potential customers. Because search engine is the emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Writing skill means easy to read and understand with proper grammar & spelling, fonts, heading etc.

4. Not respond blog comments: build relationship is the first step in blogging I think. And relationship builds with interacting responding with readers. For the same, you need to answer all the question of your reader time to time. if you active on social media and your website so lots of people join with you.

5. Not joining blog community: Blog community is the essential part of every blogger. And there are lots of talented writers on the internet which are using the same. Not joining blog community is the big mistake I think. join blog community & share your expertise too in front of reputed people in your industry.

6. Installing lots of plugins: many bloggers will install a new plugin for every small function instead of using multi function plugin. Installing lots of plugins will affect your blog landing speed, bounce rate and SEO as well. so remove the unused plugin for the better results.

7. Rewrite or copying the content: This is the Major problem for every new blogger. In the starting of a blog, most of the people copying or rewriting the content. It’s illegal and also not good for your website online presence. Your blog may be blocked or deleted if someone complains about the same.

8. Adding annoying popup: popups are the most annoying part of a blog. Most of the new blogger will add one or more annoying popups. I think completely avoid the popups for a user-friendly interface. Because annoying popups ready a visitor to leave your blog soon & it’s effect on your bounce rate also.

9. Neglecting blog SEO: SEO is the Major part of each & every website/ blog. Without SEO you can’t attract potential visitors in your niche. so don’t neglecting the power of SEO because you have no choice.

10. No Content promotion: Many bloggers thinks blogging is just creating & publishing the content. Without content promotion, you can’t build your brand value or online presence. You need to join the top social media sites, social bookmarking sites, forums, Q/A sites, other websites etc.

11. Expecting too much in start: everyone wants to grow higher. But most of the newbie expect more in starting. Blogging is the investment & it takes lots of time, efforts, hard work & lots more. but expecting high results in a month or year is not good. Because this reason makes you disappointed. And disappointed blogger can’t survive long.

12. Running behind money: Everyone wants to earn but running behind the money is not good for your blog life. Blogging has the power to generate money but it expecting when you do it right. Running behind the money, adding more annoying ads, bad sponsored review eats your blog reputation. So just go with the right things & make your website user-friendly.

13. Using nulled themes: A new blogger always trying to cut the cost as much possible. I have seen many bloggers using the nulled theme. This is the very dangerous process because your site being hacked. Security is the major part for the webmaster. so this is very big & important part so don’t be like that.

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    What a great article! As a new blogger, I have found a lot of important information in it

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      thanks hadar for your valuable comment. thanks for being here

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    thank your post helped me in directing my blog more focused

  • Rohit Sharma January 30, 2017 Reply

    Nice Explanation bro and I think I also Use to try these things in my blog. Thanks !!!

  • Joanna February 10, 2017 Reply

    Great post, now I know clearly what to avoid.

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  • PORSCHE April 8, 2017 Reply

    Thanks for sharing! You are definitely right on this one Piyush. This post reminded me on how much I need to constantly improve my blog to make it more readable not only in content but on how user friendly it should be. 🙂

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