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10 SEO Mistakes That Killing Your Search Engine Ranking

As You Know, Search Engine Optimization is the Process of the generate traffic from the Search Engine. So if you have some knowledge about SEO, then you can Read below mention Steps. Otherwise, you can hire an SEO Professional.

So be Careful when you doing the same. Because many newbies doing some mistake which can affect your Site Ranking on Search Engine. Hard Working is not enough to promote your Blog/ Website. You need to work Smart for better Ranking of your Blog.

This article is especially for, who is struggling for Ranking on Search Engine by doing some small mistakes. A simple mistake will hurt your blog Ranking & SEO as well. So Read what minor Mistake which can affect your Blog Ranking.

10 SEO Mistakes That Killing Your Search Engine Ranking

1. Avoid Social Media: as you all Know, Social Media is one of the Top most methods for getting traffic to your Blog. So don’t avoid Social Media at any cost. Because social media give you a chance to become famous in your niche.

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2. Building Bad Quality Backlinks: Backlinks play an important role in the field of SEO. So You need to plan your Backlinks building strategy for the better result. So when you doing the same then follow some below mention steps.

  • Your Incoming Link must be from Unique Pages, not Duplicate Pages.
  • Backlinks page must be good Reputation on Google.
  • Backlinks Must be from the Site in Your Industry.
  • Good Anchor Text (Must)
  • Backlinks Page same Keyword as you Fighting for.

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3. Approve Spam Comments: this is general Problems with most of the bloggers for approved spam Comments.Every blog gets hundreds of comments on his blog and also very difficult to find the real one. some people doing commenting with the help of bots. so these type of comments has no valuable. you can disable it by using captcha plugin.

4. Bounce Rate of Your Blog: Bounce rate is very easy to understand but very hard to fix. if any reader leaves the  blog fast without reading your content. than your bounce rate is high. So if Your Bounce rate is high then it affects your site ranking. you can decrease your bounce rate by writing quality content & linking your Article with old Posts

5. Not Update Blog Content Regularly: this is also a big mistake to not update your Content Regularly. Search Engine bots always looking for new & latest content. so if you ‘re not updating your blog’s content regularly then you’re doing the big mistake. You can Increase the crawl rate of your blog URL by updating your blog content on regular basis.

6. Not Register Your Blog With Other Search Engine: there is no doubt that Google is major Search Engine on the Web. but you need to Submit your Website on the other search Engine like Yahoo, Bing for the optimize your website.

7. Slow Landing Speed of Your Website: slow landing speed of a blog/ Website is also a big mistake. So avoid this problem by using fast loading theme.

8. Missing XML Sitemaps: an XML Sitemap is a document that helps Google and other major search Engines better understand your website while crawling it. the Sitemap allows to the search engine to find all your web pages. if you don

9. Not using 301 Redirects: A 301 (Permanent) Redirect your Blog old URL to New URL. 301 is basically HTTP response returned by the Server. 301 basically tells the Search Engine that the Content is moved to a new URL. so if you have some old removed URL’s than it hurts your Ranking as well.

10. No Robots.txt: Just as a sitemap tells search engines what pages they should index, a robots.txt file tells them what not to. so Make Sure you have a Robots.txt file.

More SEO Mistakes That Killing Your Search Engine Ranking (Bonus):

  • Broken link.
  • Duplicate or Copying Content.
  • Poor Quality Content.
  • Non- Unique Title Tags.
  • Non- Unique Meta Description.
  • Avoid the Use of Analytics.
  • Optimize the Wrong Keyword.


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